Wednesday, April 1, 2009


You know how the only gluten free bar on the market was the Lara Bar? Well not anymore. Last week I was at my local deli and by the counter they had the ThinkFruit Bar. And now I'm seeing them everywhere: the health food store, Trader Joe's etc.

I happen to like the whole "dried fruit and nut" combo that the Lara Bar had going on. It's like solid "gorp". But it's easy to get sick of the flavors if you eat a lot of them. The ThinkFruit bar is pretty much the same principle: dried fruit and nuts. But it also has lofty claims of superfood-like nutritional value. They are tasty and a welcome competition to the Lara Bar. I particularly like the "Chocolate Pomegranite" one. It has a really rich cocoa flavor.

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