Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Dairy Free English Muffins

As you all have probably gathered, I live near a Trader Joe's. And it's a game changer in my battle to remain gluten-free.

Yesterday I was shopping there and I noticed that near the Gluten Free French Rolls, which I also love, were these new English Muffins I'd been hearing about. (Am I supposed to capitalize "english muffins"?)

I just toasted one. It was pretty good. Most gluten-free breads are better eaten toasted and english muffins in general are always toasted so overall I knew it would be a good eating experience. I had it with butter and jam and a cup of tea with milk and sugar. It's been damn and rainy lately so I needed some sweet carbs. The muffin halves have a nice resistance to them. They don't break off into your mouth immediately like crispbread or rice cakes. I guess this is due to a mixture of rice and tapioca flours and guar gum that the folks at Trader Joe's seems to have gotten right. They also have a little corn meal in the mix that gives off it's own distinct flavor. So, yes, my corn allergic friends, you can't eat these. But they are dairy-free for those of you who care about that.


  1. thanks for the great news!
    the french rolls are ok but a bit too big and sweet
    these look like they;ll be perfect.
    wonder if 14 st carries them.
    if not, im trekking out to bklyn ASAP

  2. I LOVE TJ's English Muffins! They work perfectly for little pizzas. Just add the sauce, cheese & whatever toppings you are craving and pop them in the toaster oven. Toast the muffins a bit before making the pizzas. We used to make these all the time when I was little (except with Thomas' English Muffins - aka Gluten Bombs). :)

  3. Hey, Sorry to post this in the comments because I see you're not really updating this blog (I haven't updated my gluten free blog either). But I wanted to invite you to a free gluten free pie tasting in your neighborhood... This Sat, Nov 13 at noon. I was just looking for any gluten free bloggers who might be interested in trying my friend's pies and quiches. Send me a note if you'd like the details! (and I hope you continue the blog.)